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About LaSculpte

What Is LaSculpte?

LaSculpted was born from universal need for a multi-faced clothing to help women’s fast pace life style. The lifestyle trend of women juggling from kids to work, and to community activities, highlighting the need for fashionable, comfortable and practical clothing that suits women, all day and everyday.

LaSculpte was created to provide clothing for all women to feel comfortable, confident, and to improve their quality of life with elegantly simple and practical styles.

Providing a wide range of shapewear, activewear and swimwear with built in shaping panels, we help women present their body shape proudly.

Our timeless, conservative designs and long-lasting high-quality fabrics, are always in fashion.

Our versatile, comfortable and practical designs allow women to go from one activity to another and look the part without rushing to change clothes. Comfortable and practical, these fashions can be worn all day and every day.

At LaSculpte, we give women simple yet sophisticated, chic look, we help women to dress for success.

Our Path

From humble beginnings as purely online retailer , we now have a network of stockists across Australia who are just as enthusiastic as us about catering for the discerning, multi-tasking modern woman.

We’ve come this far, thanks to you, our diverse customers who are proud of who they are and the journey their bodies have taken them on.

thoughtfully designed pieces that enhance your busy lifestyles. Easy to wear, timeless and stylish, they form the basis of a wardrobe that reflects your life and your journey.

Join us in the next chapter of our story as we continue to celebrate strong, individual, discerning women who want comfort in timeless style.

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