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As a new mum, you tend to get so much advice (read: unsolicited advice) on many things you should be doing, and way more things that you should not be doing. The suggestions don’t stop at the baby, but go on to our bodies, and what we should be doing to lose some weight. But hey! If Miranda Kerr doesn’t care about her ‘mum-bod’, why should we?

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How Can You Lose Weight Doing Yoga?

Feb 10, 2017 1:57:55 PM

From deep breathing techniques to specific body postures yoga is a form of health and relaxation practice. When practiced daily can lead to healthy weight loss. Many practitioners have made it a part of their life. Living a yogic lifestyle means having discipline while incorporating healthy lifestyle habits that will lead to natural weight loss.

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Boost your confidence in a perfect swimsuit.
Here are some tips for the festive season to help you make a choice.

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Your ultimate guide to swimwear

Sep 19, 2016 6:33:59 PM

Swimwear can be one of the trickiest pieces to purchase, but finding the right style for you and your body will give you all the confidence you need when you’re out on the beach. 

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