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» Blog» How To Wear The Right Activewear For Everyday Workouts

How To Wear The Right Activewear For Everyday Workouts

How To Wear The Right Activewear For Everyday Workouts

Are you confused about how to wear the right activewear for your workout? Be it working out in the gym or a hot yoga session with your friends, the right set of workout clothes will feel comfortable, look great and help you achieve your fitness goals whilst having fun.

We believe that women everywhere deserve to look and feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. This makes us insist that you have the right workout gear when you are in your workout. A study done by two researchers Hajo Adam and Adam D. Galinsky of Northern University, USA coined the term enclothed cognition. According to the research humans undergo mental changes based on their appearance. That means a great pair of workout wear will change the outlook of yourself and motivate you to workout.

If you are looking for ideas how to pair your gym clothes then you are at the right place. We will give you the right combination of fitness wear for everyday workouts for an active lifestyle.


For Running

Running is a great aerobic or endurance exercise. Due to our sedentary lifestyle governed by our busy schedules of work, aerobic exercises should be done everyday. They help to increase our heart rate and breathing which help in maintaining an overall body fitness.

If you are running in hot weather we recommend you wear a pair of compression running shorts with a bright coral sports bra to stand out of the crowd. Study have shown that compression clothing can slightly improve your running performance. If you are not a shorts person, wear a full length tight with shaping effect on your core area and contrast detailed tank gym top.

LaSculpte sports bra are specially designed to give full support to your breast and to avoid any risk of back or breast pain from workouts.

For cycling

Need to increase your endurance for an active lifestyle? Add intervals of cycling to your run training. A bicycle is a runner’s most valuable tool. Simply because cycling helps your body to shift into a higher gear of body strength and endurance. That means you will be able to live up to your commitment of active living.

If you are going for a spin class or a bike session in the tropical climate, a pair of slimming compression crop tight with a black sports bra with mesh panels is an ace combination. This workout gear combo gives you lots of freedom to move freely and lets your skin breathe easily while you give your fats a funeral ceremony.

But what if you have to go cycling in a cooler climate? No problem change to shaping contrast trim full length tight and throw on a lightweight performance jacket.

For dancing

Working out is suppose to be fun. And yes it can be, with the right activewear that makes you look good and a dance workout of your choice. Dance workouts leave you exhilarated. They help to tone up your body whilst boosting your endurance.

Today, there are a wide range of dance workouts to choose from and it depends on your workout wear depends on what dance you choose. Choose barre workouts, which is a ballet inspired dance workout – if you want to improve your balance, posture and develop lean muscles. Barre demands need a lot a stretching of the body, so you need a gym clothing that is flexible and comfortable.

Slimming compression tight with a coral tank top with in-built shelf bra are perfect for dance workouts. Many prefer shorts for more freedom of movement, if you are also one of them, then a compression workout shorts should fit in perfect.

If you prefer other forms of dances like Zumba, Pop-up dances or body jams – we suggest wear a shaping printed crop tight with cross back gym tee top to look fashionable look, wear a sports bra of your choice underneath to support your breast.


For Weight Training

Weight training is a form of resistance training in which muscles contract under the influence of weights to increase strength and add muscles to your body. This is kind of workout we generally do in the gym with free weights and exercise machines. If you wear a good pair of gym clothing you can actually aid workout.

For weight training we suggest a pair of black stripe shorts to keep you cool during exercise with black and white striped sports bra to look trendy and cute in your gym clothes. If you do not prefer working out in sports bra, wear our coral tank with inbuilt shelf bra. Another option, is to match your outfit white striped sports bra with a black mesh panelling crop tight.

For Body Weight Training

Now, what if you are working out at home and want to get a good workout session using body weight or using a resistance band? Even at home, your workout gear is essential to getting the most out of your workout.

Study have shown that strength training increases the resting metabolic rate of the of the person. This means you can burn fat for many hours after your workout.

For a home workout choose a more relaxed outfit. We suggest wearing black striped workout shorts with black and white striped sports bra. You can show off your post workout body afterwards with quick selfie. And of course, music will always spice up your session and help you do that extra rep.


For Yoga & Pilates

Want to feel connected with your mind, body, and spirit, then choose the right combination of yoga wear. Essentially your yoga clothes should offer you a full range of motion and allow your skin to breath easily. For example: you do not want to wear any clothing that will interfere your standing bow pulling pose which requires high flexibility or a top that will just come on your face when you are in the downward facing dog position.

A good pair of shaping printed cropped yoga pants and a black sports bra with mesh panels or a well fitted panelled top will give you the maximum freedom to move. You can also opt for our compression yoga pants with coral sports bra which is a great yoga wear combination.

For Body Balance Workout

Body balance workouts are great because they can be practiced by all age groups. A yoga- based workout done with inspirational soundtracks as you move to simple yoga moves incorporating elements of tai-chi and pilates.

We suggest wearing slimming compression crop tight to help you shape your tummy and lower body with panelled tank and a 2-in-1 reversible sports bra underneath. Enjoy your exercise while you move to the soundtrack.

Conclusion: We hope you are happily jumping with these trendy workout clothes options and be able to choose the right activewear for your active lifestyle. Always go with what feels comfortable for you.