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» Blog» Top 3 Must-Haves in Your New-Mum Wardrobe

Top 3 Must-Haves in Your New-Mum Wardrobe

As a new mum, you tend to get so much advice (read: unsolicited advice) on many things you should be doing, and way more things that you should not be doing. The suggestions don’t stop at the baby, but go on to our bodies, and what we should be doing to lose some weight. But hey! If Miranda Kerr doesn’t care about her ‘mum-bod’, why should we?

Also, having a mum-bod does not mean ‘not-good-looking’, does it? Of course NOT! A brave mum once embraced her mum-bod after she realised that her daughter loved her just the same, threw her bikini on, and dived into the pool. After reading this why we asked new mums what were three clothing apparel that made them feel more confident while staying comfortable – and here are the must-haves they listed out:

Super-Stretchy Yoga Pants

The only thing better than wearing yoga pants, is wearing no pants at all. Since that does not seem to be a convenient option, our first pick is having a pair or two of super-stretchy yoga pants or yoga leggings that are lightweight and shaping. A pair of shaping yoga pants for women will give you the benefit of feeling comfortable while looking confident and sculpted!

Surprisingly Comfortable Shapewear – with a zip!

Ladies, shapewear makes us feel good about that dress we’ve always wanted to wear – while killing us a little because we can’t breathe in them. However, Lasculpte’s shapewear for post-pregnancy recovery shaper comes with a zip! Not only is it easy to put on and take off, but it is also lightweight & allows you to breathe with ease.

Simply Elegant Swimwear

Swimming qualifies as a therapeutic activity for new-mums, and can surely make you feel relaxed on a sunday morning. However, a lot of women struggle with their bodies (read: body image) post pregnancy, which means we say hello to shaping swimwear! Living in Australia means swimming in the ocean, the sea, a nearby swimming hole, and why should you miss out on the fun? Putting on a bikini or a bathing suit is much easier with Lasculpte’s shaping plus size swimwear and one piece swimsuits for women. If this doesn’t seem good enough, you can always get yourself a beach cover up for the sunny days!

The LaSculpte team prides itself in helping women become happier, and more confident selves, as they deserve to be.

Have you had a look at our most recent range of products? We have various products upto sizes 24 in our plus size swimwear category, while we begin from sizes 8 for all swimwear in Australia. Our exquisite technology that is used to design our products makes all of our shaping swimwear one of its kind.

These were a couple of our favourites, but don’t be shy to list out a few of your favourite products as well!