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» Blog» Perfect Swimsuits for a Flattering Beach Day

Perfect Swimsuits for a Flattering Beach Day

Boost your confidence in a perfect swimsuit.

Here are some tips for the festive season to help you make a choice.

When Christmas is around the corner and there are celebrations, treats and parties during your day, it is really tough to keep count on the intake on your calories. Not even the fancy fitbit gadget or your iphone fitness tracker app will help you curb your waistline. In between all this festival season, how is it that many women still look gorgeous in a swimsuit, look toned and embrace the summer activities with confidence? Well, besides fitness and a healthy lifestyle there is another secret formula that you might not be aware about. It is about finding the perfect swimsuit for you that will camouflage common figure flaws and give your body a flattering look.

To get a toned body, you might be already familiar with drinking at least 8-ounce glasses of water a day, minimizing your carbs so your body is burning fat for energy, getting at least six to eight hours of sleep and exercising your butt, thighs and tummy. If you want to get a flattering look you can do more. Look for a piece that has the following:


Pick a piece that has shirring effect on your body. Ruched swimwear has gathered fabric by elasticized threads that will smoothen your body shape and camouflage an unwanted tummy bulge.


Opt for moulded cup swimsuits which are ideal for women looking for bust support. Mould cups are made with underwire or plastic combination. It is designed to give support and lift the breasts.


Get pieces that give good support, adjustable straps gives you an easy fit and make it easier to customize the fit precisely how you want it.

Optical Illusion

Certain designs in color or pattern in suits can create an optical illusion which helps to hide away a tummy bulge. Your suit will not only look attention-grabbing but also downplay your not so favourite spots.

Besides the above features there are some swimwear that provide shapewear as swimwear. They are not your average spanx worn underneath to hide away muffin tops. These elegant suits will leave you wanting for bumming time on the under the sun.

If this is not enough for you and still need additional add on to your outfit, please feel free to accessorize. Opt for a slip on wedge instead of a beach slip on to slenderize your gams. Wear a drop necklace to draw attention to your cleavage. Add a beach cover up, like a kaftan for a stylish look.

When style and versatility is in demand, there should be no compromise this Christmas. Whether you like to confident in your swimsuit or look stylish wearing Kaftan for a beach house party you have these tips to mix it up. Don’t step back to experiment with new styles, most importantly, have fun!