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» Blog» Waist Trainers: What Are They & What Do They Do

Waist Trainers: What Are They & What Do They Do

LaSculpte Discusses Waist Trainers

There’s been a sudden rise of interest, or obsession some might even dare to say, in ultra defined, hourglass waists. Have you noticed? We’ve noticed. The orders have been speaking for themselves. But, with the increase in sales come the questions. It seems that people know what waist trainers are and do, yet also don’t. We going to clarify some things and dispel a few rumours.

What is a waist trainer?

This is the number one question followed closely by, “What does a waist trainer do?” Waist trainers are cinching garments that tighten around the waist to reduce it gradually over time (when accompanied by good diet and exercise, of course). These garments are known as corsets and waist cinchers and are available in a wide range of strengths and styles. While the functions of waist trainers will vary slightly, the overall result is the same: waist definition. It’s important to note that not all outcomes will be the same. Some women may obtain significant waist definition, while the outcome on others will be noticeable but less drastic. The effect depends on your body and the waist trainer.

Waist Training: Corsets vs. Waist Cinchers

There are two ways to train your waist: with corsets and waist cinchers. Both are effective, but their construction is different. Here’s how they breakdown.

  • Corsets – Are generally constructed with steel boning columns to produce dramatic slimming effect. They are laced in the back to allow for desired tightness and shaping. Length/height can be between 6-8 inches (corset waist cincher) to over 9 inches (full underbust corset). Corsets are conspicuous and not meant to be worn underclothing. Because of their constriction, they should not be worn for a prolonged period of time or during exercise.
  • Cinchers – Similar to corsets, cinchers differ in that they are constructed of either latex and/or spandex, are hooked together in front rather than laced in the back, and may or may not contain steel boning. Whereas the former trainer excels in pronounced effects, cinchers are herald more for firm shaping, but can still reduce waistline by several inches. And unlike corsets, they can be worn seamlessly under clothing for an extended period of time. This makes them a great versatile option for everyday use.

Waist Trainer Maintenance 101

As with shapewear in general, proper care is imperative to its effectiveness and the lifespan of the garment. Waist trainers should be air dried after every use. Avoid placement directly on or near heating source. Shrinkage and damage can occur as a result. To clean, hand washed in cold water unless stated otherwise. If you prefer to machine wash, the gentlest cycle is advised. Always lay flat to dry.

Just as you would with any other undergarment item, alternating is key. When building your sculpt wear collection, start with a least two waist trainers. This will allow your trainer rest as it is broken in.

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Sculpte on, fellow warriors.