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Shapewear Shorts

Panic buy: The act of shopping for clothing mere days before an important event, only to end up with something slightly ill-fitting for fear nothing at all would be found. And despite knowing full well that chances of you wearing it again are slim, the sales price convinces you to take them home anyway. Where are they now?

Chances are those trousers are sitting in the back of the closet or the bottom of the drawer. They need not be – there's hope for them after all. What do you need? Just a pair of shapewear shorts and a bum to hang them on.

Bring 'em Out, Bring 'em Out

A poor fit can be caused by a number of things: sometimes it's the material, sometimes it's the cut, sometimes it's just one of those days that a girl goes through. Shapewear shorts provide full thigh-slimming control for a sleek look. Concerned about muffin top? Opt for styles with a high waist for added stomach control.

How will they affect my behind?

The effect shapewear shorts have on your derriere will vary on the style you select. Shorts designed for firm control will flatten the buttocks while giving a smooth, compact appearance. Those constructed for waist whittling and thigh control will have less of an effect. Want the control and more junk in your trunk? Go with a butt-boosting shaper.

Given the current obsession with bootylicious backsides, it's no wonder losing volume is a common concern (trends aside, a healthy rump should endlessly be admired in our book!). Let our bum lifting shorts give you the lift and roundness you want.

Shape it Up !

Shop for shapewear shorts by body type or by dress. Need something to go with it? Our versatile camisoles suit a variety of styles. LaSculpte caters to women in Australia and all over the world.

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