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Showing 2 Result(s)

Waist Cinchers for the Australian Modern Woman

Now before you snicker, just one thing: these are not the girdles of yesteryear. Once a staple in women’s fashion, corsets are seeing a comeback as more and more women strive to shape their stomachs and achieve a more hourglass form – and they’re better and stronger than ever before.

Functional waist cinchers combine the waist slimming – or cinching – capabilities of traditional corsets with flexibility and the constricting qualities of compression and control-top undergarments such as panty girdles, shapewear slips and bodysuits. They are wrapped snugly around the waist, sitting atop the hips and below the bosom, and clasp together in front. As the garment tightens, the midsection is compressed and the stomach becomes temporarily smoother and more defined.

To Cinch or Not to Cinch

There are many types of shapewear products out there and each have their own purpose and benefits. With waist trainers, the benefits are:

  • They are effective. Naturally, achieving a smaller midsection is the draw. But what’s also great about LaSculpte’s waist trainers is that they’re affordable, easy to use and relatively comfortable.
  • Strong support. One thing corsets have over control-top undergarments is “boning”. These are plastic or metal strips that line the corset, reinforcing it and allowing it to provide stronger support.
  • Excellent posture. Corset-like garments are generally rigid and restrictive. This makes slouching and other poor forms difficult to impossible.

While harmless when sized and worn properly, waist cinchers are not designed for prolonged wear or use during physically demanding activities. This can lead to pain, chafing and other health issues.

Sharpen Those Curves

Shop our shapewear and find the right body shaper for you. LaSculpte is based in Australia and delivers worldwide.

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