How to Go from Day to Night in Your Activewear

In this day and age, time is among the most precious luxuries. As such, we want things that are convenient, time efficient, multi-purpose, and can fit our multi-faceted lifestyles. This includes buying activewear online, searching for the perfect pair of yoga pants or doing our favorite workout. When it comes to clothing, not only do we want pieces that we can wear season after season, but we also want clothing that we can wear for various occasions. Equally important are pieces that can easily transition – those you can wear in the day and also at night because no one wants to change multiple times a day. Not only that, but having multi-purpose clothing that you can wear repeatedly is both sustainable and cost efficient. Our women’s activewear is, of course, no exception to this.

Working out and being active is all about feeling good and consequently, looking good. We all know that what we wear on the outside affects how we feel on the inside. It’s only natural then that when we put on our activewear, we want to both feel good and look good whether we’re in the gym working out, at home practicing yoga or out in the streets going about our day. Whether you’re wearing your activewear before you sweat it out, right after you hit the gym or you decide to put it on for a night out, there are many ways to style and elevate your women’s activewear. 

Your black sports bra and your black leggings or yoga pants are undeniably among the most versatile activewear garments in your closet. The high waist moto legging and lattice mesh leggings, in particular, are stylish designs that can take you from the gym to the dance floor, and everywhere in between.

Take it from some of today’s hottest celebrities and their chosen street style looks. Going around the city pre- or post-work out? Grab your bag, throw on a chic jacket or even a long coat over your sports bra and leggings (leave your jacket unbuttoned) and you’re good to go just like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

Want to cover up a bit more? Take a cue from Taylor Swift and Bella Hadid. Wear a crew neck t-shirt or crop top with your yoga pants or zip up your jacket over your sports bra. Slip on a pair of sunglasses and a chic baseball cap for a casual yet stylish look.

Now, if you want a comfortable yet stylish look to wear out at night, you don’t need to look any further than your women’s activewear. Put on your black yoga pants and sports bra, slip on a chic blazer like Kate Moss’s animal print blazer and put on a pair of heels. Alternatively, you can wear a simple tank top over your active wear, throw on a stylish leather jacket over your shoulders and step out in a pair of boots.

You can, of course, wear your activewear tops and bottoms separately. A black or white bra has been one of the most on trend items to wear as a top if the outfits of Hailey Bieber, Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian are anything to go by. Of course, your sports bra works just as well. You can wear your sports bra with a pair of high waist utilitarian trousers, an eye-catching long skirt or a mini skirt if you want to show a bit more skin. Slipping on a jacket over the outfit is optional. You can step into a pair of high heeled pumps, sandals or even ankle boots to complete the sporty yet stylish look.

You can also switch out your yoga pants for a pair of track pants or sweat pants. They’re not just for lounging around or working out in. Our relaxed zip jogger pants and stretch soft pants are the perfect pairs to wear with your high heels. You can opt to wear them with a coordinating hoodie or a contrasting coat or even just a simple solid colored top. It’s an on trend outfit to wear for a casual dinner with friends, to go watch a big concert or well, even to the airport.

In case there’s still any doubt, women’s active wear can be styled to wear for almost an activity.