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LaSculpte’s Size Guide for Shapewear and Fitness Clothing

Most women already have a general idea of their sizing, but because sizes vary from label to label, it’s always best to have current measurements on hand to compare against company sizing.

If you haven’t had your measurements taken, doing so yourself is easy – it only requires a measuring tape. You can also find out how to identify what’s right for you by body and by dress.

Getting Your Body Measurements

Make sure that the tape is level and not too tight or too loose. For accurate sizing, measure yourself in your undergarments, not over your clothes.

  • Bust: Measure the fullest part of your chest and across shoulder blades
  • Waist: Measure around the natural waistline (generally two inches above the belly button)
  • Hips: Measure around the widest part of your hips

Finding the Right Bra

For the perfect fit, wear a well-fitting, non-padded bra while measuring.

  • By band: Wrap the measuring tape snugly around your rib cage, just above your bust line. The tape should go under your arms. This number, which should be even, is your band size. If it is odd, round down to the closest even number.a
  • By bust: Keeping the tape in place at the band level, raise the tape to measure the fullest part of your bust. It should be snug but not tight. If your measurement lands between whole numbers, round up.

Stick to Your Size

One of the most common shapewear fouls women commit is going down in size for extra control and firmness. In theory this might make sense, but the reality is uncomfortable clothing that chafes and refuses to stay in place.

To improve the fit of your clothing, find out what works best for your body.

Size Chart

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