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Have you've been skipping out on the gym? Women's fitness clothing really wasn't built to flatter your body type. You avoid spin class like the plague just because you can't rock it like all those women on the billboards. The vicious cycle continues (literally).

LaSculpte's line of fitness clothing and gym wear will have you streamlined and gym ready. Break the cycle or, better yet, get on top of it in activewear sculpted for your inner lady warrior. Spin class, here you come. Yes, we have wide & trending collection in-store for Women’s activewear, shapewear and swimwear.

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too With Our Women’s Shapewear

So you've been a little naughty of late with extra spoonfuls of dessert and more cheat days than you care to admit. LaSculpte has you covered with shapewear that'll have you rocking your most unforgiving bodycon.

Need to look sharp? Need to look sharp? Pencil skirts are a tough cut to pull off. Our range of everyday Women’s body shapers & shapewear will tighten and lift in all the right places so you can wear your favourite look even after a weekend of total indulgence.


New Arrivals at LaSculpte

Australia’s Best Online Destination for Women’s Activewear

When it comes to yoga, be it Iyengar, Ashtanga, Bikram, Hatha and everything in between, it’s safe to say there’s something for everyone. But for women, looking for comfort, style and functionality in a pair of yoga tights, the same can’t always be said.

At LaScultpe, we’ve long been Australia’s favourite supplier of women’s activewear & gym wear, fitness clothing. LaScultpe understands the real world real women live in and our brand of women’s yoga pants and tights reflect this.

Comfy Yoga Pants & Tights For Yoga & Gym

LaSculpte’s yoga pants & tights are designed with a woman’s curvy needs and concerns in mind. Not everyone is born with the genes of a Milan catwalk model or the purse strings of a Hollywood A-list actress with an unlimited personal trainer budget. LaSculpte’s line of yoga pants have factored this in and your pesky problem areas will love us for it.

Functional Versatility and Durability You’re Sure to Love

Whether attempting to strike and maintain your first eagle pose or simply getting around town to pick up the kids, LaScultpe has you covered. No binding, no bunching, no irritating restriction, regardless of your body type.

LaSculpte’s women’s yoga pants and tights are designed with comfort in mind. They’re constructed using quality, super durable and stretchy fabric that wicks away moisture which allows your skin to breath. They’re perfect for a quick workout at the gym, a jog around the neighbourhood or for simply lounging around the house after work. Whatever your routine, these yoga tights are destined to become an integral part of your active (and not so active) lifestyle.

Empowering Yoga Wear For Women

LaSculpte believes every woman deserves to feel good about themselves. So even if you’ve overindulged the past few weekends or you’ve missed more workouts recently than you know you should have…RELAX. It happens.

LaSculpte’s line of slimming and shaping yoga tights and pants can help get back that fun, active lifestyle you know you deserve.

Simply go online now to find the right pair of yoga pants for you. Whether it’s a waistband to flatten the tummy or some other uncooperative area, let LaSculpte help you find the right yoga pants today.

Eye Captivating Women's Swimwear By LaSculpte

Our spellbinding Women’s Swimwear range offers all the beautiful and gorgeous women out there the confidence to love themselves and to let them shine out from the rest of the world. We offer distinguished products like the rashies, board shorts, kaftans, beachwear, etc. for the ladies to pick their favourite from the never-ending alternative available.

Our products get you beach ready so that you no longer have to dream but can flaunt your personality through our Swimwear product range.

If you’re still uncertain, please call us at 02 8960 1270 and we’ll be happy to help answer any questions you have regarding online sales of our yoga pants, tights or any of our shapeware.

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