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Slips in Australia that Keep You Shapely and Smooth

Whatever the reason, slips today have an unfair stigma. Many women see them as unnecessary and outdated, but nothing could be further from the truth. They are a great way to smooth your curves under a body-hugging dress or provide the coverage you need when wearing sheer garments.

Gain Control Over Stubborn Curves With This Essential Underwear Range

Designed with the modern woman in mind, LaSculpte's shaping slips are highly worth considering and can be delivered to you anywhere in Australia. Have a tight-fitting dress you want to look killer in? These babies will shape your form and help you look toned. And that's only half of it.

Don't Knock It 'till You Try It – Shaping Underwear That Works For You

Think this undergarment still has no place in your life? Think again! Here are a number of other reasons why investing in quality petticoats is a really smart move.

  • They prevent clinging. Clinging and creasing generally occurs either because the garment is too tight or because of static. Slips keep your clothing smooth by preventing clothing from rubbing against your skin and causing friction.
  • They make your clothing opaque. Ever try on a dress in-store only to buy it and find out later that it's completely see-through in the sun? It's happened to the best of us. A proper length shaping slip will prevent your silhouette and intimate undergarments from being visible under full lighting.
  • They save on dry cleaning costs. Perspiration happens. But when it happens on dry-clean only materials, service bills add up fast. Slips keep sweat and body oils on fabric that's machine or hand washable leaving outer clothing cleaner longer.
  • They protect your skin against irritation. While coarse materials look great, they can cause chafing and rashes. Having this extra layer between you and clothing will prevent the friction that leads to irritation.
  • They help maintain warmth. This is especially true of garments made of delicate, lightweight materials.

Stock Up on Shaping Underwear

Shop our complete range of shaping underwear, slimming panty girdle, yoga pants and more online. LaSculpte is based in Australia and delivers worldwide.