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Women's Sports Bras For Running

It's 5:55pm and your Zumba class is about to begin. For the second week in a row you find yourself standing outside the studio room, watching as all the other women animatedly hustle in and take their spots – each dressed in individually coordinated gym wear. As soon as you decide to go, memories of the braccident you had the last time flood into mind and paralyse you. For the second time in a row you chicken out.

Mind Your Boobs

So your mammary sling rolled up during that merengue move. Big deal. A boob-slip at the gym is nothing to be ashamed about, especially if it happened underneath your tank. You certainly don't deserve to be deprived of something you enjoy. The blame here: your brassiere.

The right bra to your boobies is like chocolate to the soul – absolutely necessary. Whether you consider yourself an active individual or not, owning a quality sports bra that fits is essential for providing back and chest support, and avoiding situations like these. Better yet, own two.

Get Your Bra On

LaSculpte sports bras are designed to withstand whatever action you throw at them. From racerbacks to seamless camis, wide straps to bulge-eliminating bands, solid colours to patterns and bras with removable padded cups, we cater to many wants and needs. Fickle much? Try our reversible, double-sided bra. Developed using sturdy, high performance fabric, our bras will keep your hoots firmly in place.

Set Your Knockers Straight with LaSculpte

Shop now for your next fitness bra. Not sure what size you need? Use our helpful guide to find your measurements. LaSculpte is based in Australia and delivers all over the world.