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LaSculpte Shapewear by Body Dress

Smooth, shape and control. Find out how to pair current fashion trends and varying styles of clothing with the different types of shapewear for a sexy streamline.

Pencil skirts have sat at the back of our closets too, sisterfriend! But gone are those days.

The ladies here at LaSculpte totally understand fat-day-itis. Our secret? We know LaSculpte’s got our backs all day, every day. Yes, even during spin class – check out our shaping active wear range!

Fancy cocktail shindig? Big presentation? Hot date?

We’ve got something for all occasions, and for all you ladies out there.

Now for some tough love, girlfriend – you’ve got to maintain realistic expectations. We may help you fit into that dress smoothly and give your silhouette a slimmer appearance, but we can’t change your body type or undo significant weight gain. That’s a lifestyle thang – join the sisterhood to find out more.

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Daylight Robbery in LaSculpte’s Shapewear

  • Tight Knitwear: With tight tops, only your curves should be visible – not your bra line. Smooth it out with a barely there camisole. For sweater dresses, opt for a body slip instead.
  • Sheer Tops: This trend du jour may seem like another passing fad, but with a breathability perfect for sun drenched brunches and endless pattern selections, see-thru tops are here to stay. Like the look but not the exposure? Layer a fitted camisole underneath.
  • High-Waisted Bottoms: The corporate pain in the you know what. Whether you’re rocking a fitted pencil, notice-me A-line skirt, skinny jeans or linen trousers, control underwear is the way to go. Issues of the muffin top variety? Kick it up a notch with a panty girdle.
  • Fitted Dresses: When the dress is right, it’s easy to feel on top of the world. But as we all know, the bloat can be very real after just one bite. A well-fitted waist cincher is the key to staying smooth. For dresses with more slack, a shaping slip will serve you well. Be sure to match your necklines.
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Unleash Your Moonlit Maven with Our Slimming Secrets

  • Strapless & Off-The-Shoulder: This dress style shifts the focus and the weight to the chest area and below. Keep your top – and your girls – afloat with a convertible bra that has removable or convertible straps. For a smooth midsection and thighs, we recommend shaping shorts or slimming underwear.
  • Backless: Finding shapewear for backless numbers can be next level tough – but not impossible. For frontal support with an open back, go with a bodysuit that’s high in the front and with a low back scoop.
  • Halters: The success of a halter top or dress begins with the right bra. It should be strapless or have adjustable straps. Depending on your need, a waist cincher or panty girdle will provide appropriate shape and control for the midsection.
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