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Athleisure: a guide to wear fashionable activewear

Athleisure: a guide to wear fashionable activewear It all started in the 2000’s when every girl, teenager, woman was wearing leggings as a part of th...
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Dress to impress at Melbourne Cup 2016

Dress to impress at Melbourne Cup 2016 Besides the actual horsing event, everyone looks forward to THE RACE to see what attendees are wearing this ye...
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Hot Trends We Can Help With #1

As you know, part of LaSculpte’s mission is helping women everywhere look as beautiful as you are on the in. We thought a great way to do this was to ...
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Hot Trends We Can Help With #2

For much of the world, winter is coming. For the lucky ones in the southern hemisphere, winter has already come and gone. But the chill never fades ge...
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How Can You Lose Weight Doing Yoga?

From deep breathing techniques to specific body postures yoga is a form of health and relaxation practice. When practiced daily can lead to healthy we...
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How to Go from Day to Night in Your Activewear

In this day and age, time is among the most precious luxuries. As such, we want things that are convenient, time efficient, multi-purpose, and can fit...
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How to Wear Shapewear for Ultimate Tummy Control

We’ve been reading Mindy Kaling’s new book, Why Not Me? Have you read it yet? Have you heard of it? If your answer to either of these questions is no,...
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How To Wear The Right Activewear For Everyday Workouts

How To Wear The Right Activewear For Everyday Workouts Are you confused about how to wear the right activewear for your workout? Be it working out in...
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Meet LaSculpte

You know those moments when you decide to grab life by the horns: the second you begin testing your physical limits, the morning of the day you hit an...
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Perfect Swimsuits for a Flattering Beach Day

Boost your confidence in a perfect swimsuit. Here are some tips for the festive season to help you make a choice. When Christmas is around the corne...
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Swimsuit-ed for You: The Best Tummy Control Swimwear

We all know that summer bodies come in all shapes, forms, and sizes. The pressure to conform to a single body type is so last season. So is the idea t...
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Top 3 Must-Haves in Your New-Mum Wardrobe

As a new mum, you tend to get so much advice (read: unsolicited advice) on many things you should be doing, and way more things that you should not be...
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Waist Trainers: What Are They & What Do They Do

There’s been a sudden rise of interest, or obsession some might even dare to say, in ultra defined, hourglass waists. Have you noticed? We’ve noticed....
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Your ultimate guide to swimwear

Swimwear can be one of the trickiest pieces to purchase, but finding the right style for you and your body will give you all the confidence you need w...
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