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Australian Girdles For Plus Size

Know that feeling you get when you're wearing your most treasured pair of underwear? The joy. The comfort. The bliss. Feels incredible, doesn't it? Now imagine that same pair also having the ability to smooth away muffin tops and love bumps. Not possible you say? Oh, but it is.

LaSculpte's line of plus size shapewear underwear includes a wide range of slimming underwear, briefs and panty girdles available throughout Australia. These body-firming undergarments are great for shaping and toning the stomach and mid-to-lower back, areas most women have issues with in regards to clothing.

Don't Let Poor Fitting Girdle Ruin Your Moment

Shapewear briefs are a magical invention – when they fit. Imagine if you will: It's spring and the wedding season is in full bloom. You're at the reception of yet another, dressed to the nines in the baddest hip-hugging ensemble. Word is that the groom's mates are quite the lookers. You locate your table and lo-and-behold, there's a stunner seated right next to you. He turns to greet you and, as you are taking your seat, you feel it – your waistband heading south...

Suddenly your belly looks lumpier and bumpier than it really is and your confidence is lost.

Get Your Slimming Underwear Right!

Finding the right slimming underwear, briefs & panty girdle fit requires two questions: is this uncomfortable and will it roll? The answer to both of those questions should be "no". While they should be snug, slimming briefs should not be so tight to the point of discomfort or health issues. Likewise, underwear should not roll under normal movement. LaSculpte recommends knowing your measurements and having them written down.

Eager for a Pair of Control-top slimming Underwear?

Check out our selection of slimming briefs online today. For additional help on sizing, please refer to our helpful size chart.

Contact us today to learn more about our underwear for sale in Australia

Whether for information on our control underwear, shapewear bodysuits or another item in our range, give us a buzz on (2) 8960 1270. We’re always up for a chat and will happily answer any of your questions.

LaSculpte is based in Australia and delivers worldwide.